Hot Box: The Hottest Place in Shanghai

Get Sauced

Hot Beliefs

What started as three guys who put too much hot sauce on their food has now grown into a one of a kind shopping and tasting experience. Every person, hot sauce, and food is different and we are here to help everyone find the right mix for the right moment.

Hot Box: It's about tasting

Unlike supermarkets, restaurants, or online stores, we provide you with the opportunity to taste any sauce in our store before you even think about taking a bottle of it home. Our Hot Box Tasting Bar (No Patent Pending) is the place where the whole family or whole friend group can come and enjoy themselves. We have sauces that taste great but won't kill anyone and sauces that could actually put you in the hospital but that is half the fun!

We carry an assortment of spicy snacks, spicy chocolates, beers, cheeses, cooking oils, and related products to bring home or enjoy in the store. We have several products that are amazing and unique gifts, sell several products that you can't find anywhere else, have a pepper growhouse/nursery in the back of the shop, and have an off-site kitchen for our own line of hot sauces.

The Spicy XXX Trio

  • Greg was born in Canada and melted Co. Cheese bar into Shanghai's food scene as the best place to buy a sandwich and smother it with hot sauce and drink a Bloody Caeser.
  • Kobe was born in Manchuria and learned to create the spiciest memes in Colorado in between trips to Chipotle and bites of Huy Fong Sriracha.
  • Andrew was born in Colorado and has bought every hot sauce he could find in almost 40 countries after growing up surrounded by peppers in Ecuador. 

But Wait, There's More

We have gallons of other spicy things to pour on Shanghai: events at festivals, cooking and food workshops, DIY mini pepper farm kits, new imports, and online store/delivery services that will be rolled out as time goes by.

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You can find us every day but Monday from 12:00 until 21:00.

(Starting Monday January 2, 2017 we will be open every day!)



We are located at Jiaozhoulu 273 Nong 4 Hao, just north of Xinzhalu 
(胶州路273弄4号近新闸路), just past the Wagas and the Pizza Hut.